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Setting Our Agenda–Coalition Releases the First Ever NYC Hispanic/Latinx Health Action Agenda: “Our Health. Our Future”

By admin | October 30, 2021

We are proud that Latinos for Healthcare Equity is part of the Steering Committee that created this important agenda.

New York, NY, October 28, 2021—NYC Hispanic/Latinx and Latino-serving clinical and non-clinical professionals, faith-based representatives, community leaders, community-based organizations and public health advocates have recognized the importance of coming together from all five boroughs under the theme “Our Health. Our Future.” The purpose of coming together through a community-led model is to develop a NYC Hispanic/Latinx Health Action Agenda 2021-2025 on action-driven key health recommendations.

The process engaged in to develop this important agenda had two phases. The first phase, which began last fall, consisted of developing a series of community consultations in Spanish and English and several working committees on health issues and populations. The second phase focused on coalition meetings to prioritize recommendations and finalize: Setting Our Agenda: NYC Hispanic/Latinx Health Action Agenda 2021-2025. This agenda clearly outlines short, mid and long term goals to address the health challenges in our diverse Hispanic/Latinx communities.

The Setting our Agenda Coalition effort has been facilitated by the Hispanic Health Network, the Hispanic Federation, the Latino Commission on AIDS, a broad community steering committee, and a diverse planning committee in New York City.

“The coronavirus pandemic has exposed persistent health disparities that have long affected our community. To begin our healing, it is imperative that we address the long-standing inequities that pervade the health care system and society at large,” stated Bethsy Morales-Reid, Assistant Vice President for Programs, Hispanic Federation.

“In 2021, we can shape our future. Our community-led model in developing our health action agenda will have an impact on ensuring healthy outcomes for our communities,” stated Guillermo Chacon, founder of the Hispanic Health Network and President of the Latino Commission AIDS. “Our health counts, we need to proactively seek solutions to the historic health disparities, social stigmas and health challenges affecting Hispanics/Latinx as well as to the devastation of COVID-19.”

“Unveiling an inclusive health action agenda is just the beginning. With our collective effort, along with the support from our elected officials, we will begin to see the necessary change for healthy and protected Hispanic/Latinx communities,” added Cristina Herrera, Executive Director of Translatinx Network.

“Now more than ever we need to be proactive and take our health into our hands. We are in our communities every day and understand what our community needs are. We offer those insights in this action agenda,” added Rosita Romero, Executive Director, Dominican Women’s Empowerment Center.

“The health disparities among NYC Hispanic/Latinx communities have been exacerbated by COVID-19. However, there is hope that by unveiling a community-led agenda, and with the commitment and will of our elected officials on November 2nd, we will be able to come together to create healthier communities,” said Susana Morales, M.D., Vice Chair for Diversity, Weill Cornell Medicine.

“Our informed and collective process highlighted the many needs in NYC’s Hispanic/Latinx communities, but we offer recommendations that can bring more opportunities for our communities to have a healthy future for all,” said Yesenia Mata, Executive Director of La Colmena.


Setting Our Agenda Coalition is a unique community effort to have a collective and proactive voice on the policies and programs shaping the health and wellbeing of the Hispanic/Latinx community in New York City.   Our Agenda aims to inform policymakers, key institutions, elected and appointed officials, media and others of our health needs, our own recommendations for solutions, and the urgency to set a path to change our future. Setting Our Agenda is widely distributed with the intention of impacting the NYC elections in November 2021. Please join us in creating and implementing this important health action agenda and making history by taking charge in seeking responsible solutions

[Download Agenda]

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