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The Puerto Rico Medicaid Five-Year Deal

Thursday, August 12th, 2021

Center for a New Economy—7/20/2021 As we near the end of the federal fiscal year, Puerto Rico faces yet another potential shortage of funds to keep operating its healthcare system. The severity of the threat is very real. A drop in federal funding from $2.8 billion to approximately $400 million, a reduction of about 85%, could result […]

Pharma-Friendly Stance After Millions in Gifts From Drugmakers

Thursday, August 12th, 2021

Kaiser Health News—August 12, 2021 To several U.S. senators, it looked wasteful, even outrageous. Every year, taxpayers pay for at least $750 million worth of expensive pharmaceuticals that are simply thrown away. Companies ship many of the drugs in “Costco”-size vials, one lawmaker said, that once opened usually cannot be resealed or saved for other […]

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